Program Introduction


It is a great honor to be given the opportunity to actively invest in Malaysia to implement the Smart Partnership Program, a special program which aims to assist the Local Malaysian companies in line with the policies of the Malaysian government.


In May 2014, Seagate Global Group was invited to attend a meeting at the Embassy of Malaysia in Washington DC by Datuk Dr. Awang Adek Hussin, the Ambassador of Malaysia to the United States. During the meeting, the Ambassador invited Seagate Global Group to invest in Malaysia following its successful investment in Philippines, China and Papua New Guinea. After the meeting, Seagate Global Group continues to carry out further actions involving meetings with several ministries and agencies of Malaysian government and local companies. In the process, we have identified areas with great potential to assist Bumiputera companies which carry out projects and contracts by the government of Malaysia.

Seagate Global Trading Sdn. Bhd. funds the full amount of building materials or machinery cost of the projects that have been awarded by the government of Malaysia. Seagate Global Trading Sdn. Bhd. will continue to increase capital investment for this program in the future.